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Early Achievers

Exciting things are happening at ABC!

Early Achievers is a voluntary program that empowers early learning professionals through coaching and resources to provide high-quality care. The purpose of this program is to  support each child’s learning and development so they are prepared to be successful in school and beyond. As a participant, we will get resources to help our program including coaching, training, and scholarships. Through  our continued partnership with Early Achiever we are committed to offering high-quality child care and promoting school readiness.

We are proud to announce that ABC Children’s Center received a  high quality rating score level of 3,specializing in interactions with children and families  and classroom environments.

You can help support our participation by asking questions, providing feedback, and staying involved. We will continue to provide quality care and strive to receive a higher rating in 2018. Stay tuned!

You can learn more about Early Achievers by clicking on the following link: www.del.wa.gov/care/qris