Frequently asked questions

Q. What will my child be doing all day?

A. All classes follow a daily routine that is based on the developmental age and stage of the children in that class. This includes circle time, stories, teacher led games, child- directed free time, art, math and science activities as well as outdoor time.

Q. Will my child be ready for school?

A. All of the children follow a planned daily routine, where they work on self help and social skills. These are the two most important skills needed to prepare for Kindergarten.
In addition, that our trained teachers provide a developmentally sound curriculum to prepare your child academically for Kindergarten.

Q. Does my child have to nap?

A. The state law requires rest time for all pre-school children. Your child is not required to sleep but he/she will be required to “rest”. If your child does not sleep, your child will be offered quiet activities after a short rest time.

Q. May I breast feed my infant/bring breast milk?

A. Yes, our teachers are quite supportive of this practice.

Q. What is the teacher-child ratio per group?

A. Infants (1-4), Toddlers (1-7), 3 to 5 years (1-10), School age (1-15).

Q. Does the facility have an up-to-date license and is the facility monitored by the state?

A. Our center is evaluated by the Department of licensing every three years, as well as “surprise” visits at least once yearly.

Q. Is the facility clean?

A. Yes, the center disinfects daily, the bathrooms and floors with approved sanitizers. We have our carpets and floors professionally cleaned on a monthly basis.

Q. What are the hours the center is open?

A. 5:30am-6pm Monday though Friday.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of hours a child may attend?

A. Yes. State law deems a child may not be in care for more than ten hours a day apart from exceptional circumstances.

Q. Is there enough furniture and play equipment for all of the children?

A. Each classroom has enough furniture and equipment that is constantly being updated.

Q. Is the equipment in good repair and age appropriate?

A. Every attempt is made to remove excessively worn and/or broken equipment. The center is constantly upgrading and replacing essential items in the classrooms.

Q. Are dangerous materials and solutions safely out of reach?

A. Yes! All hazardous materials are stored in locked cabinets, out of reach of the children.

Q. Does the Director observe the rooms on a regular basis?

A. Yes. Both the Director and Assistant Director observe the classrooms daily. They provide assistance with curriculum and disciplinary concerns.

Q. Is there a fire safety system in place including alarms, sprinklers and alternate exits?

A. There are smoke detectors and fire alarms in every room. The equipment is checked by the fire department annually. Fire drills occur on a monthly basis. We also practice earthquake and lock down-drills on a regular basis.

Q. Is there adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation in place?

A. This facility was built in 1988 specifically for the purpose of childcare. All of these utilities were properly installed at that time and with proper maintenance they provide adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.

Q. Are meals and snacks provided?

A. ABC Children’s Center participates in the Adult and Child Food program administered by the USDA. We provide balanced and nutritious meals at breakfast, lunch and two snacks. These meals are provided at no cost to the families.

Q. Are the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the children met by the staff?

A. It is our goal to meet every individual child’s needs. Staff members are constantly receiving training in evaluating and meeting the needs of the children they serve. Our belief is that the environment meets the need of the child.

Q. Are the children able to spend time with their friends and alone throughout the day?

A. Considerable portions of each day are dedicated to “supervised play” where children can interact with friends or retire to the reading area to be alone.

Q. Is there time spent outdoors?

A. Yes, the children are scheduled for time outside twice each day, weather permitting. We believe that outside time is an extension of the indoor classroom.

Q. Is the staff exposed to continuing education so they can grow professionally?

A. Yes, all staff are required to have 20 hours STARS training within six months of employment. Ten hours of STARS training is required on an annual basis. Staff is encouraged and financially supported to participate in other appropriate class work or training.

Q. Are there regular communications between parents, children, staff and directors?

A. Yes, every attempt is made to improve communication in all areas. The Director is available for consultation. Staff is encouraged to relate to the parent’s each day as they pick up and deliver their children. A center-wide newsletter is delivered from the Directors office periodically.

Q. How will I find out if my child had a good or bad day?

A. Written daily reports are given to all children from infant through the toddler stage. Verbal communication is given daily in all classrooms.

Q. What is your policy when a child is hurt or falls ill?

A. You will be given a phone call for illness and asked to pick up your child. We follow the Health Department rules about the length of time you child needs to stay home. If your child is slightly injured we send home an accident report. If your child has a visible injury such as a bite or bruise we make every attempt to phone you to let you know. If your child is seriously injured we would call 911, use our first aid training to minimize the injury and call you immediately.

Q. Do you allow a transitional period if a child has difficultly separating?

A. Yes, we understand that children need time to adjust to new places, people and routines. Everything possible will be done to help your child feel welcome and comfortable at ABC.

Q. Do you do off-site field trips?

A. Yes, we believe that children learn by having real world experiences. The off-site field trips are planned and supervised meticulously.

Q. Do you have high staff turnover?

A. Every attempt is made to keep high quality educated teachers. The turnover at ABC is usually termination (rare-but we have no tolerance for inappropriate or ineffective educators) or the teacher moving on to gain more education. Our philosophy is an educated teacher who is here for a year is far better than uneducated teacher who stays for several. Providing an articulate, creative and positive role model is essential to your child’s success in school.

Q. May I observe the teachers in action?

A. Absolutely! ABC has an open door policy and you are welcome to come observe during the day. We feel confident you will like what you see.

Q. What is your discipline policy?

A. Redirection is always the starting point, followed by a short quiet time if necessary. If a child is especially struggling with self control we work with parents to help the child mature out of this phase. However, we will not tolerate a child who continually verbally or physically abuses the other children in our care.