Our Space

ABC Children’s Center is located in University Place across the street from University Place Primary elementary school. We have 8 classrooms, three playgrounds and a large greeting area. Our childcare center was built in 1988 explicitly designed to meet the developmental needs of the children we serve. Each classroom is equipped with educational materials and equipment for the specific age group it includes.

The infant room accommodates 8 full-time infants. It is a no-shoes space. There is a separate sleeping area with cribs that are in full teacher view. Each child is provided their own crib. The classroom has rocking chairs for the teachers to enable them to comfortably enjoy feeding time with your infant. All of the equipment is clean, safe and specifically designed for infants. Our teachers clean and disinfect the room and equipment several times daily. As with all of our classrooms the room has a door and windows that allow the teachers to get fresh air into the room often. We provide for a once monthly visiting nurse from the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department to observe and assist us in maintaining the highest quality infant care possible.

The toddlers are divided into three classrooms. All of which are supplied with equipment for the age and stage of the toddler. All three of the classrooms have doors that lead directly to the playground intended to meet the physical needs of this group.The Big toy, large patio and pea-gravel surface are intended to keep your child safe and support the large motor growth that is so important to provide for at this stage. The bathroom is designed with toilets and sinks sized down to support the potty training and other self help skills we are working on at this age.The classrooms and equipment are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.As with all of our classrooms we discard any damaged or broken toys.

There are two large classrooms that divide our 3 to 5 year-old preschool children. There is a shared outdoor playground with a playhouse, a big built in climbing structure as well as a large area for running and playing games. There is a small vegetable garden where the children plant in the spring and summer. We supply generous amounts of outdoor toys and equipment to give the children the opportunity to exercise, explore, and learn as they enjoy our outdoor space. Our classrooms are large and well planned out supporting all areas of preschool development.
They are filled with educational equipment and supplies that can compete with any other quality preschool program. Our preschool classrooms are cleaned and disinfected repeatedly throughout the day.

There are two large classrooms designated for our Kindergarten and school age children. There is a shared playground with ample running space and a large big toy. We continually replace outdoor equipment such as jump ropes, balls, hoola hoops etc. Giving the children the opportunity to get the most of their outdoor play. Indoors the rooms are arranged with fun and educational supplies and equipment to support their educational and social needs at this age. Because of our location, directly across the street from University Place Primary school, we are able to walk the children over frequently after school take advantage of the nice open space and big toy that are available there.

There is a large, functioning kitchen with a full-time cook. We provide breakfast, lunch and a morning and afternoon snacks to our children. All staff members have food handler cards. We follow all Washington administrative codes concerning the food service we provide.

There is a nice, comfortable staff room for our employees. In our staff room we have a well stocked and well used teacher resource shelf. We also continually post outside opportunities for continued education.

There is a large reception area includes a comfortable seating area along with a lending library for children and adults. Our lending library continues to grow and expand through purchases as well as donations from our families. We excited about promoting literacy throughout the center.

Overall the environment of ABC Children’s Center is well designed indoors and out, with first rate equipment and program resources for our children, families and staff. We welcome you to drop in for a tour anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.