Infant program

The ABC infant program is for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Our infants are cared for by loving, experienced and professional teachers. The infant schedule is based on the unique eating, sleeping and waking pattern of each individual child. A monthly visit from the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department nurse ensures that we are always in compliance of all infant childcare laws. The Health Department nurse also supplies us with the most up-to-date information possible. We understand the rapid brain development of infants and the responsibility we have to help maximize it. Our infant classroom is outfitted with educational toys and equipment to provide for the many stages of development in your child’s first year. In our infant room we are passionate about creating an atmosphere that makes your child’s first year a safe one, filled with positive experiences surrounded by attentive and devoted care givers. Here at ABC we truly love our infants!

  • Parent’s supply all food/formula, diapers/wipes and extra clothes
  • Parent’s will be given a written daily report each day

Waddler Program

The Waddler program is for children from 12 to 21 months. [This classroom is operational only because of the dedication, imagination and knowledge of the Waddler teachers.] Large motor activities dominate your child’s interest at this stage and we are ready with a large room designed for toddler safety, movement and brain development. In this class your child will dance, sing and be read to. Hugs will be given and delight will be taken as your child learns new things everyday. Along with the books that are read and the songs that are taught one of the most significant things your child will be taught to do in our Waddler class is to use SIGN-LANGUAGE. Our teachers consistently use sign language with this active bunch to minimize your toddler’s frustration and maximize their ability to communicate effectively. Our Waddlers play outside twice daily (weather permitting) in our play yard designed for and designated to Waddler/Toddler use only. Here at ABC we definitely Love our Waddlers!

  • Parent’s supply all diapers/wipes and extra clothes.
  • Parent’s will be given a written daily report each day

Toddler Program

The Toddler program is for children age 21 months to 3 years old. Due to the significant developmental differences during the Toddler stage we have our classrooms divided into two smaller groups: Young Toddlers (21 months-2 ½) and Older toddlers (2 ½ -3 years). Both programs are designed around the age and developmental stage of the children in the group. Each class follows a daily routine that includes circle time, stories, sensory, cooking and/or art experiences, individual and teacher directed learning activities as well as outside play. [This is an introduction to the preschool experience that remains flexible based on the energy and interests of the children involved.] In our Toddler program we focus on potty training and self-help skills with an awareness and respect to your individual child. It is our objective to have your child as independent, capable and self-confident as possible as they move into our three year-old preschool program. The Toddler teachers take great pride in preparing your child for more complex academic learning. Here at ABC we absolutely love our Toddlers!

  • Parent’s supply all diapers/wipes and extra clothes.
  • Parents will be given a written daily report.

3-5 year-old preschool program

The program for this age group is a structured daily preschool program. We emphasize helping each child develop a positive self image by providing activities by which the child can develop social/emotional skills, beginning cognitive skills, and large and small muscle skills to their full potential. Using themes our goal is to teach age appropriate concepts and information to prepare our children for elementary school. All children will experience the following activities daily: Art, Music, Science/Math/cooking, Reading Readiness, Story time, Large muscle activities and free choice time(Which allows your child to choose what he/she wants to play with in any of the learning centers in the classroom). They also go outside twice daily (weather permitting) to our playground designed and built specifically for this age group.

A unique feature to our preschool program is the use of a preschool model where children learn to plan, follow through and review what they have completed. Over 45 years of continued research has proven that children raised with these skills are more successful in every aspect of their lives. Our teachers focus on in early literacy where children learn to use symbols to match letter sounds in their names as well as their peers’ names. Our classroom teachers work together to maintain consistency in what is being taught from the 3 year old class on into the 4/5 year-old class. The other and most significant portion of our preschool classes is the Plan Do Review process. This is where, on a daily basis, your child verbalizes in a small group setting what area or activity he/she will choose during free-choice (essentially setting a small goal). After an hour of independent play the small group gathers and each child takes turns telling the teacher and peers what he/she accomplished (the review). During free-choice time the teachers observe, interact and redirect children to their stated choice of activity. Our teachers are very confident in their ability to relate to and guide our preschoolers as they prepare for future academic and social success.

Here at ABC we certainly love our Preschoolers!

  • Parents need to provide a change of clothes everyday.
  • Parents are encouraged to set up teacher conferences anytime.
  • This group enjoys the opportunities for off-site walks and field-trips.
  • This group brushes their teeth daily.

Kindergarten Program

Many of our children attend the all-day Kindergarten program at University Place Primary school. The school sits directly across the street from our childcare facility. We walk the children to and from school daily and we are open during most school closures. For the children in the half-day Kindergarten we provide an academic supplemental program in our Kindergarten classroom. Small group reading and math activities as well as group games with direct learning objectives are practiced daily. Our small group interactions are fun and interesting. They provide excellent opportunities for your kindergarten child to get the one-on-one attention he/she deserves. Your child will play outside twice daily. Our goal in this class is to offer as many physical, educational and social experiences to support your child’s overall positive self-esteem and success. Our teachers have the benefit supporting your child as they mature toward first grade. By summer all of our Kindergarten kids join the school-age summer program which includes continued academic preparation as well as daily off-site fieldtrips where the real hands-on learning takes place. Here at ABC we admire our Kindergartners!

  • Parents provide extra clothes daily.
  • Parents are encouraged to set up teacher conferences anytime.
  • This age group enjoys off-site walks and field trips.

School-age Program

Our school-age program for before and after school care is for grades 1st through 4th. We provide care for the children at University Place Primary school which is located directly across the street from us. We walk the children to and from school daily and we are open most school closures.

We serve a nutritious breakfast before school daily, a healthy snack after school and lunch and an additional snack on the days the children are with us all day. We provide many fun and educational opportunities after school as well as time for positive social interactions. The daily after school schedule is as follows; arrive, wash for snack, eat, outside play, homework time (if your child has no homework they will have quiet time for reading) where they can ask and get support form out teachers, large group games/outside play (on our playground designed and built specifically for this age group), teacher reads ongoing novel daily, free choice as the day winds down.

  • This age group enjoys many, many off-site walks and field-trips, including field trips during school closures and vacations.

School-age Summer Program

The pride and joy of ABC Children’s Center School-age program is definitely our Summer Exploration experience for Kindergarten graduates through fourth grade. “This isn’t your older brothers summer camp” .We are proud that our teachers are experienced enough and our kids well behaved enough that we are able leave the building on a daily basis. Our kids explore every beach, park and any event we can walk to or get them to on the ABC van.

Our kids form close friendships, make discoveries and learn personal responsibility as they travel their way through summer. After exposing the kids to new experiences and learning opportunities the majority of the day, in the after noon we return to reading writing and math as well as creative art experiences. If your kids are tired but happy at the end of every summer day –we have done our job. Our teachers enjoy their school age kids and they also love working the summer exploration program. At ABC we absolutely delight in our school age kids!

  • Summer daily needs; sunscreen, towel, swim suit, extra clothes, water bottle and shoes appropriate for walking.